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Presagia ADA is the cloud-based solution necessary for an organization to take the next step in managing the ADA and any other workplace accommodations. Offered as a stand-alone solution or integrated with our leave management software, Presagia Leave, it includes sophisticated workflow and case management capabilities, and has been engineered to fully support the Interactive Process as well as full case management documentation and the ability to clearly identify essential functions as defined by the ADA.

With over 56 million Americans eligible for accommodations due to disabilities, managing this complex workforce issue can be challenging. It requires employers to understand their obligations, respect their employees’ rights and correctly adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA).

The Presagia Accommodation Journey

Your employee has returned from medical leave or has a disability and needs to be accommodated – what are the next steps?

Step 1 – Accommodation Request

Capture the background information about your employee’s need for accommodation and open a new case.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

Meet with your employee and other stakeholders like their manager to determine restrictions, essential job functions, and more that will help guide the way forward.

Step 3 – Impact Analysis

Assess the feasibility of providing these accommodations as well as your employee’s ability to perform their job.

Step 4 – Evaluate & Propose Solutions

Develop the accommodation offer, discuss with your employee and other stakeholders, and revise as needed. Is it short or long-term, transitional work, environmental adjustment, leave, or alternative placement?

Step 5 – Accommodation Decision

Record and communicate the accommodation outcome, as well as update your employee’s employment status.

Step 6 – Program Monitoring

Consistently review your employee’s accommodation and re-engage in the Interactive Process as needed. Evaluate the success of the accommodation and report results.


Program Completed!

You successfully completed the journey and are officially ready to handle all accommodation requests through Presagia ADA.

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