Presagia’s core mission revolves around the success of our customers and that it is important that we provide them with all the necessary tools to achieve their organization goals simply and effectively.  The success stories below will give you an inside perspective of challenges organizations faced when it came to absence management, and how they were able to leverage Presagia’s intuitive platform to strengthen compliance, increase productivity, and avoid costly litigation.

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“I can honestly say, from a work perspective it’s changed my life. It’s given me my work-life balance back.”

Senior Human Resources Consultant 

“None of us here are leave experts and we learn from every case we enter. Even now we’re still realizing how much more is involved, beyond just getting things sent in the right timeframes. It’s a lot of information to learn, and the software is amazing and super helpful.”

Employee Benefits Manager

Success Stories - Scripps Health

“We are now getting people back to work earlier than their original leave requests. We can also focus on properly managing intermittent leave, saving money and improving overall employee morale by ensuring employees only take what they are supposed to, reducing lost workdays and the need for other employees to cover for their absent colleagues.”

Supervisor, Leave of Absence Department

Success Stories - DCH Health System

“Presagia has provided much needed compliance support by staying current with changes to laws and by making sure that the system is always up to date, including leave correspondence templates.”

Director of Employee Health & Leave Management