Presagia HRO has been created to give HR Outsourcing Providers and Third Party Administrators an innovative cloud-based platform for absence management offerings.  The FMLA, state leave laws, employer policies and the ADA have proven to be a burden for many HR professionals across the nation and major organizations are now looking towards outsourcing as a solution.

We’ve taken our industry leading Presagia Leave and Presagia ADA and developed a highly flexible and scalable platform to administer employee leave and workplace accommodations across multiple customers. Benefiting from Presagia’s Compliance Engine, this system provides your organization with all the necessary tools to confidently cater to your customers’ FMLA and ADA needs in order to solidify your position as one of the nation’s top outsourcers.

What Does Our Solution Offer You?

Outsourcer Expertise

Strengthen your absence management compliance. Leverage the extensive compliance database that goes beyond FMLA & ADA.

Outsourcer Adaptability

Adaptability & Scalability
Cater to your customer’s unique requirements. Securely manage your customers in one scalable multi-tenant system.

Outsourcer Efficiency

Improve service delivery to customers. Streamline case management utilizing intuitive automated workflows.

Outsourcer Insight

Gather real-time analytics for your many accounts. Centralize your data to perform “book of business” and “cross customer” reporting.

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