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Webinar: Frisco ISD Boosts Leave Compliance And Efficiency With Presagia

Attendees learning about Frisco's success using Presagia

There’s no denying that leave management is challenging for employers, who must keep up-to-date with new and expiring leave laws, while balancing administrative overhead and the cost of absence. School districts, in particular, face additional challenges, such as a dispersed workforce and complex work schedules.  

That’s why our partner Financial Benefits Services (FBS) hosted a webinar with our VP of Sales and Marketing, Geoff Simpson, and our mutual client, Brenna Rose, Benefits Manager at Frisco Independent School District (ISD). In this webinar, Geoff gives an overview of the importance of leave management and provides a brief demonstration of Presagia Leave, while Brenna shares how Frisco ISD uses Presagia’s technology to manage leave more effectively and in turn, deliver a better experience to their employees.

Why Is Leave Management Important?

In the first part of the webinar, Geoff breaks down the numerous issues with leave management, such as the difficulty in determining which federal and state laws apply to a leave request and making complicated eligibility and entitlement calculations. 

For these reasons and many others, employers often make simple mistakes that can lead to costly legal repercussions. For example, the cost of a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) case going to court can be upwards of half a million dollars! 

Geoff Simpson breaking down the cost of an FMLA case going to court

Who Is Frisco ISD? 

Brenna then takes the helm and shares Frisco ISD’s story. Frisco ISD is the largest employer in the city of Frisco, Texas, with more than 70 schools. Over the years, they’ve experienced tremendous growth - in 2013 they had 6,000 employees and in 2020 they had over 8,000. On a percentage basis, no school district in the country grew quicker than Frisco from 1987-88 and 2014-15.   

Brenna Rose from Frisco ISD demonstrating Frisco's growth rateFrisco also faces unique leave management challenges, such as different work schedules, employees across multiple locations, and the fact that every absence by an educator has the potential to be incredibly disruptive! Their concerns about compliance, efficiency, cost, risk and exposure led them to make the switch from processing leaves manually to investing in Presagia Leave.

Managing Leave With Presagia

With Presagia, Brenna and the leave team have maintained compliance, increased efficiency and maximized employee satisfaction. They’ve also leveraged reporting tools within the system to gain full visibility into their leave program, enabling them to understand trends and make further improvements.

These factors have even helped Frisco control missed time as they’ve grown. From 2017 to 2019, they saw a 10.6% increase in employees but managed to decrease total missed days by 2.8%! Their average missed days per leave have also gone down! 

Chart showing average missed days per leave and total missed days

Learn more about Frisco’s leave management success with Presagia in our webinar, Frisco ISD Boosts Leave Compliance And Efficiency With Presagia, which you can access here.

Access it for free and discover:

  • Tools that helped Frisco increase efficiency (while managing 700+ cases/year)
  • How they easily maintain compliance 
  • The insights they’ve gained (e.g. missed time by leave type)

About Presagia

Founded in 1987, Presagia has a long history of helping organizations solve complex business problems with easy-to-use solutions. Today, this means providing cloud-based absence management solutions that enable organizations to be more efficient, control lost time and risk, and strengthen compliance with federal, state and municipal leave and accommodation laws.

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