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Improving Organizational Culture During COVID-19

To say work has looked different this year due to COVID-19 would be an understatement. From offices closing at the beginning of the pandemic, to more[...]

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Lessons For Leave Managers From Ultimate Software's HR Workshop

Recently, some members of the Presagia team attended a human resources workshop hosted by our partner, Ultimate Software. It featured amazing talks[...]

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People Of Presagia

You may know Presagia as the company that provides cloud-based solutions to help employers manage leaves of absence and accommodations. If you’ve been[...]

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Wellness In The Workplace: Mental Health Considerations

In our fast-paced society, numerous factors can influence an employee’s overall wellness, including their workload, relationships, and their home life.[...]

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Going the Extra Mile: How Employers Can Help Employees Avoid Holiday Stress

...and the absences that can come with stress. With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness well behind us and holiday carols streaming through the[...]

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How To Improve Millennial Retention

Millennials - the generation that is quickly taking over the workforce - are often misunderstood as a generation of youngsters glued to their[...]

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