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Product Demo Webinar: DMEC Leave Genius Pro Showcase

Leave case managers watching DMEC Leave Genius Pro Showcase

There’s no denying that leave management is difficult for employers who must stay on top of new leave laws (e.g. COVID-19 leaves), fill out regulatory forms, determine eligibility and entitlement for their employees and so much more! This is true for large employers (1000+ employees) and perhaps even more so for small to mid-sized employers (less than 1000 employees), whose budget constraints may prevent them from purchasing a leave solution. 

That’s why we recently hosted a product demo webinar with the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), showcasing our new product, Leave Genius Pro. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Geoff Simpson, presented some key benefits about our latest absence management platform geared toward small to medium-sized companies.

Like Presagia’s other solutions, Leave Genius Pro is powered by our Absence Compliance Engine (ACE). ACE contains all of the leave rules (650+ U.S. and Canadian leave rules) and is managed by our in-house compliance team. Leave rules are updated on a continuous basis so our clients never have to worry about maintaining compliance. We also work with national employment law firms to help us with legal updates and inform us of upcoming leave laws.

Geoff presenting the compliance strategy at the DMEC Leave Genius Pro Showcase

Luckily, small to medium-sized businesses don’t have to worry about leave management and staying compliant with the help of Leave Genius Pro. It provides what you need to manage and track every employee leave of absence consistently — even intermittent FMLA! And, with a pricing plan for every budget and no contract required, Leave Genius Pro makes it easy for you to get started right away.

Benefits of Leave Genius Pro

To see how Leave Genius Pro simplifies leave management for small and medium-sized businesses, check out our webinar.

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Don’t miss out on:

  • The ins and outs of Leave Genius Pro
  • The history of Presagia and why we created Leave Genius Pro
  • How you can test out Leave Genius Pro for free!


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Founded in 1987, Presagia has a long history of helping organizations solve complex business problems with easy-to-use solutions. Today, this means providing cloud-based absence management solutions that enable organizations to be more efficient, control lost time and risk, and strengthen compliance with federal, state and municipal leave and accommodation laws.

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