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Presagia Partners With Empire SUITE For World Class Compliance Solutions

Presagia Partners With Empire SUITE For World Class Compliance Solutions

New York, NY, May 7, 2020 - Presagia, the market leader in absence management solutions, announced an alliance partnership with Empire SUITE, the leading workflow automation and collaboration solution from WSG Systems.

One of the biggest challenges to organizations today is complying with the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory leave, and managing intermittent leave and its impact on their businesses. With federal policies, including the FMLA and the ADA, and approximately 500 leave regulations at state and local levels, managing time off is one of the biggest headaches for benefits managers and HR teams.

Inaccurate management can cost companies in terms of non-compliance lawsuits, time-consuming administration, and lost time and productivity. Lawsuits alone run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many employers still use manual, outdated methods to manage this complex issue. For example, an employee taking time off to periodically care for aging parents might be documented, if at all, on sticky notes or personal calendars and spreadsheets, making tracking such leave close to impossible. Now the combined Presagia-Empire TIME OFF solution makes it easy to automatically capture those absences, so our customers can ensure employees are adhering receiving the correct amount of leave and not abusing intermittent FMLA.

Always staying on top of federal, state and local regulations and best-practices, Presagia and Empire SUITE can now track COVID-19 sick leave and quarantine leave.

“In an increasingly complex environment of employee benefits law, we are proud to partner with the highly experienced team at Presagia” stated Bill Cornfield, President of WSG Systems. “With Presagia’s guided workflow management system and Empire SUITE TIME OFF’s automation that works from any device, anywhere, together we can handle multiple approvals, capture what would otherwise be costly absences and ultimately help benefits managers stay well within legal limits so they can sleep at night,” added Mr. Cornfield.

“Empire SUITE complements our compliance tools by bringing absence reporting to the next level. Our joint offering significantly reduces both costs and risks to our mutual clients by complying with the ever-increasing number of regulations, capturing time off requests and absences in real-time, and getting employees back to work as quickly as possible,” said David Glickman, Chief Executive Officer, Presagia. “We cover more laws and provide more time-saving automation than any other vendor, and our new collaboration with Empire SUITE further distances us from the competition,” added Mr. Glickman.

Advantages of Empire SUITE TIME OFF module:

  • Request time-off through voice to text, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), or via web interface, mobile device or email
  • Report time off up to the minute

About WSG and its award-winning Empire SUITE
Major organizations around the globe have deployed Empire SUITE and are reaping the cost, operational and efficiency benefits from enhanced project and resource management. Empire SUITE focuses on resource management from a financial perspective, allowing management to track project time, budget and resources in real-time. From accounting to HR to IT to finance, virtually every department in the enterprise will benefit from the features offered to streamline operations, and employees appreciate the user-friendly interface and mobile access for on-the-go data input.

About Presagia
Presagia provides the most comprehensive cloud-based absence management solutions available. Customers gain peace of mind managing leaves and accommodations in a centralized system supported by a continuously updated Absence Compliance Engine covering 500+ U.S. federal, state and local leave rules - including FMLA and ADA, and 150+ Canadian federal and provincial rules. Presagia integrates with customers’ HR systems and automates leave processes such as calculating eligibility and entitlement, creating follow up tasks, auto-filling correspondence and tracking usage. This enables organizations to increase efficiency, minimize absence, reduce cost and improve compliance, while providing better customer service to your number one asset - employees!

View the press release for this partnership announcement here.

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