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New Whitepaper To Boost Your Absence Management Program

A leave manager reads Presagia's new whitepaper about absence management technology in the park on their break

A wealth of absence management technology is available to help employers transform how they manage employees’ leaves and accommodations, a topic we’re all too familiar with here at Presagia. In fact, Presagia is a regular contributor to the Disability Management Employer Coalition’s (DMEC) @Work Magazine on this topic. DMEC is the most focused industry group for the world of absence management, producing conferences, education, content, and more on best-practices to further how we manage employees’ leaves of absence and accommodations. 

Our 2019 @Work column, Technology & Absence Management, delved into the technology that can support a stronger, more holistic leave management and accommodation strategy. We’ve refreshed and revamped these columns in our new whitepaper, Technology & Absence Management: Using Leave & Accommodation Software To Support Your Absence Program.

Download it for free and explore:

  • The features and benefits of leave and accommodation technology.
  • How to take an integrated approach to absence management.
  • Using absence data to identify and address employee health risks.


Technology and Absence Management Whitepaper Preview

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Founded in 1987, Presagia has a long history of helping organizations solve complex business problems with easy-to-use solutions. Today, this means providing cloud-based absence management solutions that enable organizations to be more efficient, control lost time and risk, and strengthen compliance with federal, state and municipal leave and accommodation laws.

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