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New Success Story: Ultimate Software Puts Their People First With Presagia

"peeps" who work at Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software provides Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions with a “People First” approach. This mission is deeply ingrained in their culture and made evident by many factors, from referring to their employees as “peeps” to ranking as a top employer for nine years in a row in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For. 

Previously, Ultimate was doing what many employers do: tracking leaves manually on spreadsheets and individually filling in forms and letter templates for their employees’ leave notices. Luckily, as their number of peeps and leave cases grew, Ultimate’s leadership listened to their benefits team and supported their search for leave management technology and led them to their Alliance Partner, Presagia! 

Ultimate transitioned from managing leaves manually to using Presagia Leave on June 1, 2018. Since then, Ultimate’s benefits team has managed every aspect of the leave process using the system, from receiving leave requests and sending communications to processing and closing leave cases. 

One of the features that the Ultimate team loves is reporting on their leave management trends. This has served two purposes:

  1. Monitor leave usage trends to ensure they remain consistent (i.e. abuse is not increasing as they continue to grow). 
  2. Track their leave process efficiency (i.e. seeing how many case management activities they can handle with ease). 

Let’s take a look at some of Ultimate’s favorite leave management reports!

The report below shows Ultimate’s leave policy usage. In both years, the FMLA and Ultimate Software Maternity Leave (a company policy) were the most utilized. With reports like this at their fingertips, Ultimate is able to monitor trends and strategize for the future.

Ultimate-Leave Classification Counts Graph for 2018 and 2019

Below, we have a report showing Ultimate’s completed case management items. Despite Ultimate’s organizational growth, their two leave case managers have thrived! This is evident in their ability to efficiently manage their workload and in the case management tasks they completed (including running eligibility and entitlement calculations, reviewing medical certifications, updating leave status, addressing entitlement exhaustion, etc.). From 2018 to 2019, they completed over 100% more tasks! 

Ultimate- case management tasks completed for 2018 and 2019

Want to see more? You can learn about Ultimate’s leave transformation in our new success story, How Ultimate Software Puts Their People First With Presagia.  

Download it for free and discover:

  • The tools that helped Ultimate save time.
  • The reports they used to learn which types of leaves were being taken the most by employees.
  • How they ensure compliance with leave laws.

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