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New Success Story: LHC Leverages Leave Data With Presagia

Employees from LHC who are content with using Presagia

LHC Group is the leading provider of in-home health services, operating in 36 states within the United States. They provide these services for 350 leading hospitals (780 locations in total), along with hospice, home and community-based services, and facility-based care.

Previously, LHC was using a system that wasn’t meeting their leave administration and tracking needs. One of their biggest issues was the inability to mark an FMLA case as workers’ compensation-related. They could only note if a leave was FMLA, limiting their recordkeeping and reporting capabilities. They also experience a high volume of leaves, which is no surprise, given that one of the most common situations LHC’s leave team sees is burnout from compassion fatigue. LHC needed a system that could keep up with the volume and help rectify their tracking issues. 

That’s why a little over a year ago, LHC made the switch to Presagia Leave and they’ve been ecstatic with their decision ever since!

Two important goals for LHC were:

  1. Increasing efficiency by being able to save time on tasks. 
  2. Maintaining compliance by ensuring they were performing all steps in the leave process on time to remain compliant with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state leave regulations.

Luckily, Presagia Leave has helped with maximizing LHC’s efficiency, including Presagia’s ability to integrate with their HRIS, which reduces double data entry, and gives them more time to focus on case management. 

From May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020, LHC’s five leave case managers processed 3,084 leave cases, meaning on average they had 616 leave cases per case manager. Along with that, they completed an astounding 47,227 case management tasks!

“Presagia helps us maintain compliance. We can rely on the system for the most up-to-date

leave laws and not have to worry. It’s honestly a relief!” 

- Jen Boutte, Leave Specialist

Letters are another one of the biggest timesavers with Presagia. The system tells case managers when letters need to be sent according to the law and automatically generates and fills them. Below is a breakdown of the letters sent by LHC’s leave management team, from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.

Graph of LHC's top 3 letters sent

Learn more about LHC’s leave transformation in our new success story, Leading Home Healthcare Provider LHC Leverages Leave Data: How LHC Increased Their Efficiency Using Presagia Leave.  

Download it for free and explore:

  • Tools that helped LHC save time 
  • Reports they used to learn which states have lost the most time
  • How they remain compliant with leave laws 

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