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How to Improve Your Return to Work Program With One Simple Tool

We went back through our library of resources and found a great whitepaper that we think is just as relevant today as when we initially released it. The Task Bank: Crucial For A Successful Stay At Work/Return To Work Program, authored by industry experts Robert Hall and Peter Davie, outlines the value that Stay At Work/Return to Work (SAW/RTW) managers can obtain from using a task bank.


First things first, what is a task bank? A task bank is a listing of previously identified tasks in various departments within a company. By outlining these tasks ahead of time, you can prepare for when a difficult situation arises within your company.

For instance, if an employee falls victim to a medical incident and is no longer at full working capacity, you can use this collaborative approach to keep the employee productive and engaged in the workplace. By identifying the employee’s current abilities and cross-referencing them against the transitional assignments within the task bank, you can find work for your employee to do. This has huge benefits in terms of keeping your employee engaged in your company and expediting their return to work.

Are you ready to get started? Check out this whitepaper to learn about the key elements involved in creating and managing a task bank, while following best practices.

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