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Decipher Your Leave Data: A Focus On Quality And Reporting

Leave Case Manager Deciphering His Leave Data

We recently wrote about our upcoming presentation at the Disability Management Employer Coalition's (DMEC) Annual Meeting and wanted to share it with you here! You can also find this post on their website

Leave management programs generate a wealth of data; however, few employers know how to effectively leverage it. Join us at the 2019 DMEC Annual Conference, where Geoff Simpson from Presagia and Brycie Repphun from The Partners Group, will present Deciphering Your Leave Data: A Focus on Quality and Reporting. This session will focus on several important topics related to your leave management data: the types of data you need; critical data for leave compliance; considerations for the systems you pull data from; common challenges and solutions related to data integrity; and leveraging your data via reporting.

When it comes to compliance in leave management, data dictates results, with the old saying, “garbage in, garbage out,” holding true. In this session, we will draw on our experience working with employers on leave software implementations and reporting to help you gain better control over your data.

This process starts with considering the data, systems, and stakeholders that need to be involved for a leave software implementation. It’s important to fully understand what data you need for compliance and where it lives. Does your core human resource information system (HRIS), payroll, time & attendance, and/or benefits administration system house it? You should consider the array of systems that may house information you need. As with any implementation, you need to involve the right stakeholders to ensure buy-in and that everyone is actively involved with their piece of the puzzle.

While there’s a lot to consider during your system setup, it doesn’t stop there. It’s critical to understand how to keep your data working for you. Interfaces might need to be tweaked or you might change one of the HR systems feeding your leave system. You also need to have a grasp on error reports — these are key reports that your leave system will deliver when you’re receiving incorrect information from other systems. When dealing with leave compliance, you need to have the right processes in place to quickly address any issues, before you make a costly misstep.

Arguably, the most important element of data is the power you gain when you have useful, insightful, and actionable reports at your fingertips. Leave management generates a wealth of valuable information that can help you take a more strategic approach. You can measure your team’s workload and efficiency; easily identify at-risk cases; pinpoint leave trends such as specific divisions driving your volume; and even benchmark against your own and other employers’ experience.

Ultimately, effectively leveraging your data is in the best interest for you, your organization, and your employees. Ready to dive deeper and really understand how to decipher your leave data? Join us for our 2019 DMEC Annual Conference session, Decipher Your Leave Data: A Focus on Quality and Reporting, to learn how you can effectively leverage your data to manage leave efficiently, compliantly, and intelligently!

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