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Second Edition FMLA Guide including DOL Final Rule Amendments

On the 20th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Department of Labor (DOL) announced their Final Rule amending the FMLA for military leaves and airline flight crew rules.

While the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act (AFCTCA) were both passed in Congress and signed into law there were elements that were never properly implemented and still needed clarification years later. Published by the DOL on February 5, 2013 these changes went into effect March 8.

Some highlights of NDAA include:

  • Veterans have been clearly defined and are officially covered under the Act
  • A qualifying serious injury or illness of a covered veteran has been also been defined by four different categories
  • The amount of time an employee can take under the qualifying exigency leave related to a servicemember’s “Rest and Recuperation” has been increased
  • Qualifying exigency leave has been expanded to allow eligible employees to take to care for a servicemember’s parent for certain activities
  • Non-military affiliated healthcare providers may now certify servicemembers and veterans

Changes made to the AFCTCA include:

  • Airline flight crew members may now take up to 72 days of leave during any 12 month period
  • Employers must track FMLA leave in increments of no greater than one day for all absence types
  • New record keeping requirements have been established for employers

In order to help clarify these changes and what they mean for employers we've released a second edition of Presagia’s FMLA Guide which includes a detailed overview of the FMLA, common mistakes employers make and how to avoid them. It also includes a closer look at the NDAA and AFCTCA and what the DOL’s Final Rule changes within them. Click here to download your free copy of Presagia’s FMLA Guide today.

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