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Pregnancy Infographic

We had so much fun making our first FMLA Infographic that we thought we’d do it again! Only this time we're focusing on pregnancy legislation in the U.S. Click on the image below and save for a larger version that we, as always, invite you to print out and share. Quiz your colleagues!

Looking for more pregnancy legislation information? We have you covered. Download Presagia’s U.S. Pregnancy Leave Guide: A State by State Look at Pregnancy Leave Legislation for an overview of federal legislation and a state by state comparison complete with requirements, entitlements and benefits.

There are more than 450 regulations that govern leave at the federal and state level, including pregnancy and breastfeeding-related leave. Do you have a system that can ensure you’re in compliance with all of these regulations?

To open a full PDF of the infographic, click the image below, or click here


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