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e-Triage and Presagia Announce Strategic Alliance to Extend Disability and Absence Management Functionality

Montreal, Canada, July 1, 2006—e-Triage, Inc., an international technology company specializing in reducing disability costs through an online, evidence-based disability management system and Presagia Corp. (recently merged with AtWork Resources), the leading developer of employee health and productivity management solutions, today announced a strategic alliance. This brings together two leaders with complementary absence/disability management products and will enable them to offer extended functionality to their customers.

e-Triage’s web-based services apply internationally recognized evidence-based research to identify specific risk factors and recommended interventions to address those issues and positively impact return-to-work. e-Triage’s on-line application provides customers a tool to perform consistent, structured 3-point contact, to identify those cases that have issues that need to be addressed and recommend actions to resolve those issues. The application also applies evidence-based research to formulate a best-practices approach for medical treatment customized to the injured worker. The system was developed under the direction of Alf L. Nachemson, M.D., Ph.D., a Swedish researcher who pioneered the research in breaking return to work barriers due to psychosocial influences.

Presagia provides employers and providers with proven workforce health and productivity management solutions. These solutions streamline employee health processes and enable organization wide access to integrated information – all to facilitate strategic management and allocation of health and productivity resources for optimal cost and productivity ROI. Presagia AtWork provides employers and providers tools to streamline the entire return-to-work process and ensure optimal outcomes for both employees and employers.

“We are excited to be partnering with e-Triage,” says Peter Davie, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Presagia. “The e-Triage system ensures early recognition of potentially high-cost disability cases by enabling objective and appropriate identification of claims that require close monitoring and management. Combining this with the proven workflow of Presagia AtWork, which directs users through the most effective return-to-work process, will create an absence management program delivering unparalleled benefits to our customers.”

Sharon O’Shea, President & CEO of e-Triage states, “Our strategic alliance with Presagia enables us to provide our customers with an integrated tool to identify those cases with issues that need to be addressed and recommend actions to resolve them before they become high-cost claims. For cases that require return-to-work services, a seamless referral to Presagia Atwork will enable the formulation and implementation of an effective and sustainable return-to-work plan.

About e-Triage
e-Triage, an international technology company located in northern Virginia, specializes in reducing claims costs through an on-line, evidence-based disability management system, providing software to workers' compensation carriers, Third Party Administrators, integrated disability management companies, case management companies and self-insured employers.

About Presagia Corp.
For nearly two decades, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent health management software solutions to address the health, safety and wellness requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and wellness information.

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